Whitla Medical Building

stotherm classic K system, sto silco

Client: Queens University Estate. The project involved the complete refurbishment of the 1960’s built research centre, which is part of the qub health science campus. The original building had very low thermal efficiency due to the single skin concrete panel construction and single glazed windows.

Heating and cooling buildings is a considerable cost for property owners. Significant ongoing savings can be made if the entire building is insulated properly. Heat transfer through a wall is known as thermal transmittance and measured using u value. The material used, number of windows and doors, just about everything involved in the construction of a building, has a direct impact upon heat loss and heat gain.

On this project the main external refurb works involved a new insulated roof, triple glazed windows, doors and curtain walling and insulated render system Stotherm Classic K. This completely transformed the building and acheived an excelllent u value of 0.25 w/m2k.

The System: Stotherm Classic K system specified consisted of 120mm eps adhesively and mechanically fixed back to the exposed concrete aggregate subtrate, the insulation also incorporated 120mm rockwool lamella firebreaks to comply with latest fire and building regs.

The next process involved machine applying the cement free base coat with glass fibre reinforcing mesh. The final coat on this system was Sto Silco K in pure white. Silco is a silicone resin render, providing high levels of water repellence. Sto Silco is an ideal facade finish for coastal regions or areas exposed to harsh weather as protection against weathering and damp.

Aesthetically, the buildings transformation is remarkable and the client will make significant savings on energy costs for years to come.

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