Self Build, Co Antrim

sto flexicote system, sto lotusan K acrylic topcoat

Client: Private Homeowner: The challenge was to replicate a Georgian style rendered facade using modern systems and techniques to create a finish that was crack resistant and zero maintenance.

System Used: The desired finish was achieved using the Sto Flexicote system with bespoke deco mouldings at window, door surrounds and band around the house. The system is made up of a cement based polymer modified levelling coat which was machine applied.

The next layer incorporated cement free aramat classic, when combined with Sto glass fibre mesh provides up to 15 times more crack resistance than traditional cement based renders.

The final coat was machine applied using Sto Lotusan K acrylic topcoat in light grey. Sto Lotusan is the only render with the lotus effect, demonstrating unbeatable water and dirt repellence and providing the best natural protection against algae growth.

As Lotusan cures the surface forms a unique microstructure similar to that found on the lotus leaf, greatly reducing the surface contact of water and dirt particles. Every time it rains, the rainwater simply rolls off the facade picking up the loose dirt as it goes.

The bespoke plaster mouldings were painted in Sto Lotusan paint in the same colour as Lotusan K topcoat giving a clear contrast and sharp defined lines for a classic finish. The pictures speak for themselves.

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