K Club Facade Replica

120mm stotherm eps, sto silco 1.5 in white

Client: Smurfitt Group. For the new 70 bed extension to the exclusive K Club Resort, the architects are aiming to replicate the 19th century French chateaux style in ewi on the new building.

Clarke Ecowall were appointed to provide the mock up sample of how this could be achieved.

The System. In order to do this we used a special hot wire cutter with the wire profile formed in an exact copy of original k club ashlar grooves. We installed 120mm Stotherm eps, then we formed these grooves and recesses using the hot wire cutter in an exact replica of the existing k club facade.

Once we installed all the beads, basecoat and mesh, the replica was finished in Sto Silco 1.5 in white to give a stunning example of how bygone highly skilled trades can be acheived using today using modern techniques.

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