External Wall Insulation – How It Works

what is external wall insulation?

External Wall Insulation (E.W.I.) is the most effective way of thermally protecting a building and is able to ensure maximum carbon savings for practicality and development.

Quickly and easily applied it can be finished in a choice of textures and in any colour.
 On old buildings it is used primarily to make them thermally efficient, but because it is clad to the outside, it can also be used to protect the structure. The rendered finish shields the building from the elements whilst giving it a new look, saving time and money on other trades.

With new builds, walls can be constructed in very little time as insulation and finish can be achieved simultaneously reducing construction time and cost.
 With a variety of systems, finishes and detailing, speed and efficiency can be combined with design to create whatever look is required.

All systems are fully approved by the BBA & Irish Agrement, carrying lengthy warranties.

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